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We take our expertise in the industry and make it available to everyone.

Great learning exerience

You won’t be bored! Our courses are lively, full of inspiration, and jargon-free. On occassions we will even have live videos and chats.

Self Realization

Once you take our courses you will feel educated, knowledgeable, empowered and confident in your role.

Why Our Course?

Do you feel like you don't understand how the affordable housing rental programs really work? Do you get trained or go to an orientation and leave feeling like the regulations are really complex? Do you feel like you need more time or more explanation to undertand and apply the rules?
With over 33 years of combined experience, traveling the nation, consulting, training and educating staff, landlords and participants in the affordable housing rental programs, this much we know:

1. The need for affordable housing continues to increase while federal funds are decreasing

2. Agencies want to be more innovative but typically the smaller, medium sized programs cannot make big investments

3. Training personnel has become a large investment to agencies and not all of them can afford it

4. Providing ongoing orientations to families has become a large task

5. Landlord Orientations are not required, yet essential for the livelihood of some of the rental programs

These are some of the reasons why we have established the academy and education center. Our courses have been desgined by experts in the field, in a way that they are easy to understand, engaging and to the point. They have been designed for the applicant, the participant family, owner and staff. We believe that every individual would benefit from our interactive courses.

Interactive Learning

Learning rules and regulations can get tedious, boring and sometimes hard to understand and apply. We strive to take these difficult subjects, simplify them, make them engaging and to the point.

Subject Matter Experts

Our teachers and instructors have decades of experience in the actual application of the rules and regulations. They have a wide variety of experience in managing affordable housing programs, providing outstanding customer service, developing innovative ideas and industry best practices

Certificates of Completion and Specialization

No more waiting for test scores and certificates. Our specialization courses come with the ability to take the test right here with us, have it graded, and certificate emailed to you within minutes.

Isn't it awesome?

There is no complications. Learning is easy now. All you need to is the concentration

Video Lessons

Video lesson are created in a way that anyone can understand the topic easily. We use interactive videos as an essential tool for learning

Specialization Courses: Mastering the skill

The courses have been designed for continous access to the curriculum. Meaning you no longer leave a training with no access to the information or just a book, you have the training with you online, on your desktop, tablet or phone. Just download the teachable app or login and have access.

Expert Community at your Fingertips

Gain continous access to industry experts who are here to serve you, our students.

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